Friday, April 27, 2012

Glass Terrarium DIY

Ever since I saw a fun little glass terrarium, I was fascinated by it. The earthy feel, colors, everything! After looking up how to make it online, I saw how easy it was, and i just had to try it myself. Hope you enjoy this simple DIY!

1. jar or glass container
2. cacti or succulents
3. soil
4. pebbles/small rocks
5. moss and other decorations

Pour in the rocks, then the soil. Have a little layer of each. (Some people use netting to prevent the two from combining, but that isn't necessary.)

Place the small plants into the soil.
REMEMBER that the point of a terrarium is mostly looks. Organize the plants and decorations in a way that is aesthetic and pleasing to people who see it. 
Pat in the dirt to make sure all of the plants are secure.

And voila! A finished terrarium! I am so happy about how mine turned out! Remember to water the plants as much as is specified for them. 

xoxo lauren

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