Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pattern Fabric Shorts DIY

I've seen a lot of shorts with sewn on fabric patterns, like the flag, and LOVED them. Here's an easy way to make these cute summery shorts!

1. Shorts
2. piece of fabric
3. Fabric glue (you could sew it on, unless you're like me and not too savvy with sewing (: )
4. Scissors

1. Line up the curve of the sleeve or neckline with the pocket to prevent fraying there.
2.-4. Cut the fabric in a general outline of each pant leg, and then cut it just to the edge, leaving about an inch at the bottom.
5. Glue down the piece of fabric (i started with 3 of the sides, and then filled up the middle, and then i did the final side.)
6.-8. With the bottom inch or two of fabric, fold it up and glue the entire rim up to the fabric.

And Voila! the final product(s)!

You could try changing the shorts up a bit too, like by only doing half of the shorts, or doing the pockets instead! i want to try this with lace too!

Hope you love these shorts as much as i do and try them yourself!

xoxo lauren

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  1. Yourrr amazing at DIY. I though you bought them:O :))
    Jessfloraa//aka. Flowlikethesea.